About the Programme

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) for Northwest London was established in October 2008. The CLAHRC is a £10 million award from the NIHR with a further £10 million in matched funding contributed from partner organisations. The NIHR CLAHRC for Northwest London is designed to support the NHS deliver the latest evidence based research into practice more effectively.


The way in which care is delivered is rapidly changing to cope with increased demands, an ageing population and new technologies, drugs and treatment pathways; all of which must be managed within an economic downturn.

As the number of options and types of care available steadily increase, patients are often required to participate in complicated treatment pathways that cross many interfaces of care - both between organisations and professional groups.

At the same time, public expectation of the quality of care in health services is rising, and information regarding health services and health problems is becoming more readily available. Whilst patients expect high standards of care and treatment wherever they access the NHS, there are well described variations in care and clinical outcomes dependent on where and when services are accessed.

How care is organised is increasingly recognised as a key determinant for high-quality care, and has been shown to influence both patient outcomes and experience. The speed at which organisations adopt new medical evidence or technologies has also been shown to directly influence inequalities and variations in quality of care.

Our Vision 

Patients should experience a seamless journey with consistent delivery of the highest quality evidence based care.

We believe this can only be achieved by:

  • Understanding care from the perspective of patients and carers through engaging patients and members of the community with the design and development of care
  • Bringing research more rapidly into everyday practice, utilising rapid-cycle research, improvement methodologies and rigorous evaluation of clinical and cost effectiveness
  • Adopting industrial standards of quality in the NHS through utilising information to drive evidence based implementation and support evidence based practice
  • Increasing staff capacity to implement change and improvements across professional and organisational boundaries.


Annual Report

Our latest annual report is available to download.